Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lao Ban's birthday

Yay we finished our exam!
After a bathed, we hailed a taxi to sungai wang.

Took some pictures in the taxi. Thats me and Joanne~

Christina ( don't know what she is doing =P )

Joanne and yue mei ( its blur because the taxi is moving.. sorry =P )

Our group of friends that is attending

Joanne again and Lupita

Joanne and Christina

Christina and Me~

Hwei Yenn and Lupita

Christina with me again~ we love to take pictures~ hahaha
Especially me!


I'm faking it~ =]

Love the gravitti behind us

Joanne singing~ she is awesome!

I'm singing but i sux! xD

This is ah khoo~

The cake for the birthday boy~

Which is the birthday boy??

He hates taking pictures.. haha

wow christina is taller then him!

two pretty girls singing

Cam whore time!!

Took some pictures in the toilet~
The lighting here is awesome!

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