Wednesday, October 28, 2009

date date date~

Today i might be going on a date with my dear~
Well maybe only.
Cuz yesterday he told me he was kinda not feeling well.
Oh well, the date not so important compare to his health !
Get well soon o bi~
muackx love u lots!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Emo post......*cry*


Having a bf is just like not having 1...

He cares for me but sumtimes..he jz dun seem to care...

He may think our relationship is normal

but he doesn't really think bout my feelings..*cries*
I duno wat he is thinking at all.. he doesn't tell me anything...
sumtimes i jz feel so lonely...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Really bad luck la today...
I accidentally let my handphone wash in the washing machine =.=
I forgot to get it out~!!! OMG hate myself....
why ....haizz

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Miss him so.. T.T

i miss my dear... haizz
today and tomorow cant see him...
his hp no credit d.. haizzz..
sad.....i wana take a lot of pictures with him~ heheh but he dun like it..
today wana giv him a goodbye kiss but he dont have the time. the car behind is honking..
stupid drivers =.=

Monday, October 5, 2009

Long and curly hair~

Yesterday went to timesquare shopping with mei yee and ah tan.
We were passing by when we saw a shop selling makeup, fake eyelashes and hairs.
We went in to have a look at the eye lashes.
So the sales girl told us we can try on the fake hair.
Well i'm more interested in the fake hair haha
so i tried it and here is the result~~

Well i love it so much so i bought a piece.
it cost me RM70 plus.
its worth it cuz its way cheaper then other shops.
the 1 i saw back in kuantan it cost RM88
and the most expensive ones are at midvalley megamall. It cost RM140 plus~!!
wth..=.= so expensive for a fake hair....

Me and my friends continued shopping and have our dinner there too..
i don't know whats the name of the restaurant but its really nice and cheap too~ ^^
ordered a cola &...

fried rice~

after that we went and shop around more
we ended up in this shoe shop

the sales girls here are really good at selling. lolx
they just keep giving new shoes for us to try on...haha
it got kind of annoying after awhile...
ah tan and i was jz getting mei yee a pair of shoe for her birthday present.
She was so happy.
she smile until we cant see her eyes but her teeth only.. lolx

Well thats all folks~
I'll update soon~ hehe

Mexican food~!

Sorry for my late update.
Last saturday my family and I went and tried a newly open mexican restaurant at Jaya 1.
The shop's name is 'Frontera'
My dad and my sis ordered quite a lot of different dishes~ haha
in the end we cant really finish everything..
Here are some pictures i took...

the menu of frontera

this is the drink i ordered...
its name is virgin margerita~
delicious~!! haha i'm loving it~~

my sis and dad ordered this drink.
its name is horny margerita..
weird name for a drink.. lolx

this is frontera's famous bbq beef ribs
me and my dad ordered it but i end up not eating it cuz i cant stand spiciness...

my brother ordered this burger~! O.O
its so huge~!!
even my brother cant bite the whole burger.. hahha
its called frontera burger

my brother biting his first bite on the burger

see?? only half of it gone... hahhaa
too huge even for my brother~ hehehe
i didn't try it but it kinda looks really delicious..*slurps saliva* xD

this plate looks like lasagnia with rice added in it. haha
my sis ordered dis plate looks delicious too..
but i din try it..*regrets doing so*.... =.=
its name is classic cheese enchilada.

this is am appitizer.. it kinda looks like chicken chop plus salad. hehe
its call chicken ranch salad.

this is called chili con queso
yummy its really delicious
although its a bit spicy but i still can stand it~ hehhe

looks like pasta right??
Wrong~! its a mexican soup~
its called chicken tortilla soup.. its spicy too =.=....
last but not least my mum ordered this.
its called country fried steak...
i ended up eating it. xD
Well the food is really nice.
I like it but i still prefer chinese food...
After lunch my family and I went to sungai wang.
well theres nothing to talk about it..
dats all for now~ ciao~!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Mooncake Festival In MIB

We had a mooncake festival at my college.

Took a lot of pictures...i'm kinda too tired to write much bout it...mostly the pictures are me and my friends...

Me and Bibi Mix dis pic i think we kinda look alike~ xD

this is the lantern our group made~ it turned out to be a penguin...does it look like 1 to all of u? we were lucky it got first place~ lolx pls comment bout it.

took some pictures from the left is strawberry, me and my group leader sinnee

strawberry and simon our senior~

simon cuting the box to make the lantern

simon and a ghost behind him o.O scary!

sinnee our group leader

we played at the carpark~ and this is wat we get for playing there. a dirty leg hahaha

ashton chin hahah a funny guy in bst16

me and lynn after the game.. enjoying our fruit~ hehe

wow look at peter he is immitating a hamster cute-nya~ hahahha!

simon, sharon and lynn

o.O they look like a couple rite?? hahaha wearing the same colour outfit too~ i'm wondering wat is their relationship? lolx jz joking

me and simon ^^

the players before starting the game...
i duno wat the game's tittle is..sry...

Dis group is from my side of the table

and dis is the other side out enemy~ muahaha jk

me and chuan yau

me and janice

kevin our presidant

group picture of juniors some seniors but mostly juniors

sarah and vice monitor erlene

christina and erlene

sarah and me

khoo (ah gong = grandpa) and me hehhee

christina my housemate and me hehe

amanda and mei yee

goldfish and me~ HAHA

me and robert my senior

me and bak kut teh~ hahah love to bully him~

wen chin and me

strawberry and ashton gaying around...

amanda and me

group picture with me in dis time haha xD

sarah, christina, me and lynn and janice hiding behind me

christina, janice, me and lynn

me and peter pan~ hahahha

lynn~!! and me~!!

me and the funny ah may~

me and my group geh strawberry

lets kiss ~ xD
me and my lao gong sharon~ xD