Monday, September 28, 2009

Boring day..

This is a boring post..
haha i'm bored...
Class started at 10
have our break at 11.30...
It was raining heavily so me and my friends went to have lunch at the restaurant opposite to my
It was shocking to see a cat ready to sh*t in the middle of the pathway..swt =.="
Dont cats usually sh*t on the sand or something??
lolx this is 1 weird cat..
Well enough of the cat...
So after we had our lunch break.
We went back to continue our class...
After class I lead my dear to a shop to make a replacement locker key that he lost..
the uncle jz needed a few seconds to finish it.. dat was fast
and it cost my dear it considered expensive or cheap??
After that we went to The gardens.
Had our lunch at sushi zanmai. Yummy~ hahaha
After we finished...we walked around, went to different phone shops to check out their new
Lolx my dear saw the nokia 8800 gold arte.
It cost 6k for the phone.. its expensive cuz its real gold....

He loves it so much.. =.= crazy guy... lolx
He said he wanted to buy it...
As we walk around he told me he is going back to make his plan on how to save up the money to
get the phone.. i'm too lazy to listen to him talk crap so i just kept quiet...
Well dat was all for today... nothing much after this..
Jz another boring day passed by... haha

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Afamosa trip

Its time to update~ haha
On the first day we went to Afamosa safari.
We watch the bird show.
the lady gaga pony~
haha cute huh??
wow the lion is so near~ haha
snap a picture of my dear during the safari.
went for the elephant show afterwards
hmm from afar it looks like a woman hanging..
scary... >.<
we all 3 8 went there to check it out
hmm he don't seem to look scared..
he is enjoying his sweet corn
2 new friends..
2 gay couples~ xD
very friendly
the one wearing spec is alex
behind him is kwon kiu
haiz... in the car still wana gay around~!!

first night in afamosa villa
back masssage~

dear resting..
everybody so tired...

micheal jackson the fake

cam whore number 1
nobody wana choi him d. xD

so rare to get to take a pic with my dear~
so happy~ lalala
wake up early in the morning..
nothing to do so snap a picture of my dear sleeping.. xD
We went to water world on the second day..
too bad we din take any photo.
Went to cowboy town at night
Gerald playing on the bull...
geng~! xD
alexter & kit siang & ah beng...
cant really see.

last day...
snap a pic with cam whore num 1 first.
dats all guys.
maybe will update more soon..

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Tomorow is the trip i have been waiting for...
Haha cant wait.
Hope that it will be as fun as it said... xD
So excited~~

Thursday, September 17, 2009


I have been having diarrhoea for 3 days now...
Its driving me insane~!
keep rushing to the toilet...sobz...
So many medicine to eat..!!!
Last but not least

Hehehe take some pictures with the medicine.
I'm too bored...
Dont mind me~

I'm a crazy girl in a crazy world~~
Told ya i'm crazy~
Fever until sot plug d.

Monday, September 7, 2009


*Loves the pants..maybe i will buy it next time*

Although the dress is kinda normal but i like it.
Dats wat matters hehe

Do you think my new hair suit me??
I kinda look younger with dis hairstyle...

~hungry kitty~

I went for my breakfast with my bro and sis dis morning.
I had roti canai and a cup of milo ice.
There was a pregnant cat at the place where we were sitting.
At first it did not take any notice of us, cuz she was relaxing.
Her tummy is too heavy for it i guess.
Her tummy was so huge~! hahaha
When our food arrived dats when she started to stare at us with her huge innocent eyes.
It kinda look like dis...

I cant take it anymore, so i toss her some roti i had...
Wow she ate it and wanted more and she started meowing.
My sis started worrying cuz she was worried the cat would jump on the chair...
Luckily the cat jz sit there meowing..
The unlucky part for my sis is dat the cat rub her body against my sis's leg.
Dat kinda freak her out.
She almost scream out loud~!! hahahahahah!!!
Here are some pictuces of the cat staring at my sis.
Cuz i finished my roti canai..

Saturday, September 5, 2009

new hair

Sorry every1.
i have not update my blog for some time.
well i think not many read my blog hahha.
i reborned my hair 2 days back.
i kinda regreted doing it. lolx
it doesn't suit me at all.
it looks weird and my classmates are having fun laughing at it (T.T)
hmm i dont have pictures yet.
but i will post it when i took some pictures.