Tuesday, June 23, 2009

you are hurting me

When both of us just started dating.
You were so nice and cared for me.
When time past you gradually ignored me.
I sms-ed you and msn you but you just ignore me or just reply what I ask.
It hurts a lot and you can still happily chatting away with other girls...
I'm always standing alone so that you will find me,
but you still ignored me...
Every night i cried and cried until my eyes cant be open.
All you cared about is your friends and your games.
I can't stand it anymore...
If you are still like that,
I have no choice but to break off with you...
Please please please...
Go back to the you when we first started dating...
It hurts a lot and i'm suffering.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Today is a boring day

Recently i'm into taylor's songs.
I listen to it day and night.
Lalalala hahahaha.
I might not be her biggest fan but i love her song very much.
Even my friend was freaking annoyed by it.

Its a boring day...I'm downloading taylor's song all day~
I'm blogging all day~
And now I have a serious headache because i was facing the computer the whole day without stopping!



Miss my boyfriend so damn much but he don't give a damn about me.
I have not seen him for the past 2 weeks and more and its driving me crazy~!
He have not called, sms, ar even chat with me in msn in these 2 weeks!!
Curse him!!!!!!
Yesterday was like hell, i was listening to taylor's song while thinking of him.
And guess what happen??
I freaking CRIED!!!
I just cried and cried while my friend was comforting me.
I cried until I fell asleep.

Curse the group presentation!!!

I'm bored until I'm eating baby biscuits.

(the biscuit i ate)

Hahahahahha I'm crazy I know.

Happy Fathers Day to my daddy

I would like to wish a happy fathers day to my daddy and to all the other fathers in the world. I'm sorry that I can't celebrate fathers day with you back in kuantan because I don't have transport back to kuantan. I miss you daddy and i love u very much too. Althought I always argue with you back home i trully do respect you. You provide shelter and food without complaining. Muackz love u dad and i'm very sorry for all I've done that worry you. Here is a picture of my daddy. Hahaha

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What three words describe you right now?

What three words describe me right now... hmm I never give a thought about it before. Well first I can say i'm energetic. Why? It is because I have my friends around me, and I love to hang around with my friends. If I am not energetic there is no fun. The second word to describe me is...lazy i guess? i don't really like to do my assignments but I do finish my assignments given by my lecturer. Well you can say that i'm always lazy. It is because I don't like to do anything except for playing. The third word of describing me is straight forward. I just say anything that is in my mind without thinking so it sometimes do hurt my friends without me knowing about it.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

WAA a trolley drop down from the third floor ( i think )

Today while i was in practical class kneeding bread, we ( i mean the whole class ) heard a loud continueus crashing down in the lift next to my group table. It was like a big creature trying to break out of the lift because the door of the lift was almost broken. Everyone was shock while looking at the door of the lift with wide eyes. Here are some pictures i took after the door was forced open by the repairman.

Well my friends and I was thinking how the hell did the trolley get there. There was no way the trolley can drop under the lift. Well our world is full of mysteries... hahahah

Silly faces!! hahahahha

Today was a really boring day. So i thought up an idea that is to make silly faces with my friends. Hehehe so i collected some silly faces including mine too. So here are some pictures i collected during class.
victor (well this was after class)


gan (after class too)


me and lynn

my group of frends (me, christina, lynn, kar yee, su ting, sarah, li jing and johnson)

lynn, sharon, me and su ting
must kill johnson!! muahahahhaa
omg! they punch me...together!!! >.<

Monday, June 15, 2009

watch movie with my bro and his friends

Yesterday i went out with my brother who just came back from Hong Kong. That day we were watching 2 movies. The first movie is <> and . Before the movie my brother, his friends and I went for lunch. We ate sushi and it taste awesome!!! Hahaha i was so full. We ordered like almost 10 dishes. When we finished our lunch we noticed that we are soo~~ late the movie was starting soon. We rushed to the cinema luckily we made it there.

<Drag Me To Hell>

This movie is scary for me but my brother and his friends don't think so. They were laughing while others are screaming the lung out of themselves!! lolx

<Blood The Last Vampire>

This movie is not that nice though...I think i prefer drag me to hell better. Firstly the animation was not that good...the vampire looks fake rather then a real thing.

Well thats all for now ciao~!