Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sickness begone!

I was having fever last week.
So now i'm fully cured and my frends are getting sick one after another.
So worrying cuz of the H1N1 cases in Malaysia.
Damn those viruses!!
Get Lost!!
Hope my frends will get well soon.
Miz u guys very much.
My sem break was so boring without u all...
Even my hometown sux without u guys enjoying it with me...
I will see u all back in MIB after this week~!
muackz to u all~!

Passed my undang

Yay!!! I'm so darn happy now.
I finally passed my undang.
And with flying colours too~!
Heheh i have been failing it for 4 - 5 times already..
cant remember how many times exactly. hahaha
But finally i did it!!! yay!!!!